Unspoken Words of the Heart is a place for empowering and encouraging women to grow in their relationship with Christ through consistent Bible Study, Devotionals and prayer. Many of us women have picked up a few scars along this journey called life. I pray that this will be a place of healing, hope and encouragement. A place for Christ to work in our hearts. If you would like to receive monthly encouragement straight to your email, please click on the subscribe button in the menu above and you will be notified of the latest Blog Posts, Bible Studies, Devotionals and Printable Bible Verses and Coloring Pages. We will cover a variety of Biblical topics to help us grow in our relationship with Jesus. Click on the menu above to check out the website.


About The Blog

HI ladies, I'm so very excited that you are here! I would like to share with you a quick story about how this blog came to exist. I feel that it's important for readers to know my heart and the vision that God has placed inside of me for this website.You see, a couple of years ago, while I was working as a nurse, a difficult trial crept into our life by the name of chronic illness. I suddenly found myself walking in unfamiliar territory, filled full of uncertainties. I battled hardships that I'd never had to fight before in the form of grief, suffering and isolation. But oh my goodness ladies! This was a place where I absolutely grew and learned to trust and rely on my Heavenly Father. This is where my marriage and life as I knew it would be tested. This is where parenting took on a whole new meaning. This valley became a very dark place for a while but Jesus became my life line and His Word became my ventilator. Through the chaos, this blog was birthed. Just as God strengthened me, He placed in my heart to also strengthen you and to extend a life line to other women in the form of God's Word (Jesus). So while this blog is all about Bible Studies and Devotionals, God has completely emphasized to me the importance of relationship over knowledge. We can know the Bible through and through but if we don't talk with God and have a relationship with Him, all the knowledge in the world won't matter. These Bible Studies and Devotionals will cover all Biblical topics and will encourage us to have a deeper, more personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. My prayer is that we will grow spiritually together as we study God's Word. I also hope that you find this to be a place of comfort, peace and encouragement. Please subscribe below to join us! Again, I'm so excited that you are here!


 Hugs, Tracy Hagler

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